Who doesn't want to be a better blogger? Check out these 45 kick-ass blog posts to help you become a better blogger and grow your audience. Here are 45 outstanding tips from popular and successful bloggers.


Over the past number of months, I’ve been working hard writing an eBook and creating an online blogging course. During this time, I’ve been researching and taking various courses myself – seriously, all I dream about at night is social media, SEO and blog writing. I am beyond saturated with crazy amazing knowledge now and this info is just too good not to share.

Who doesn’t want to be a better blogger? Perhaps you’re new to blogging and you’re looking for a little help to get going or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while but you’ve hit a plateau. A little advice can go a long way to taking your business to the next level.

I’ve created a stellar list of blog posts by some of the best bloggers that are killing it online these days. I know there’s a lot to check out here but I’ve broken it down into categories so you can dive into the topics that interest you most. I hope you find these posts as informative and inspirational as I have.

45 Kick-Ass Blog Posts to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Blog Planning and Niche

What You Want to be Known For  by Braid Creative

33 Things You Can Do When You’re Ready to Get Serious About Blogging by Regina 

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Start a Blog by Blog Brighter 

11 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog by me

How to Create Your Own Niche by Elle and Co. Design 


How to Create a Brand Board Krishna Solanki Designs

Branding vs Brand Identity Julie Harris Design 

Why Branding Matters by Elle and Co. Design

How to discover your Brand’s Story by the Bad Ass Business Mum

10 Brand Building Mistakes you Can Learn From My Fails by the Branded Solopreneur

Blog Writing

How to Write Conversationally: 7 Tips to Engage and Delight Your Audience by Copy Blogger 

Create a Blogging Mind Map & Never Run out of Blogging topics again! by Living for Naptime 

Blog Brainstorming: 20 Ways to Find Your Best Content in 30-Mins or Less by Think Creative Collective

4-Step System For Writing A Great Blog Post, Even If You Have Writers Block  by CoSchedule

How to Write a Blog Post with Perfection: The Only Step-by-Step Guide You Need by On Blast Blog 

Blogging Tips

26 Blogging Mistakes That Are Costing You Time, Money, and Credibility  by Pro Blogger

17 Things You Should Do to Every Blog Post Before + After You Hit Publish (Free Checklist!) by the Nectar Collective 

12 Habits of Successful Bloggers by the Haute Notes 

19 Tips + Tricks For Planning + Creating Shareable Content by Maya Elious

Search Engine Optimization

A Rookie’s Guide to SEO by the Branded Solopreneur 

Debunking SEO Myths by One Woman Shop  

Easy SEO for Mom Bloggers by Brilliant Business Moms

Social Media and Marketing

10 Marketing Experiments You Can Run Yourself to Improve Your Reach on Social Media by Canva Design School 

The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing by the Copy Blogger

35 Pinterest Tips from Basic to Beyond by Amy Lynn Andrews

How to Get Noticed on Twitter by Olyvia 

15 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach by Small Paper Things

How I Reached 10K Followers on Instagram and the Impact it’s Had on my Business by Yes Supply

20+ Must-Have Tools For Savvy Social Media Managers In 2016 by Twelve Skip

Blog Images & Photography

Create Better Visual Content at Warp Speed with these Shortcuts by Socially Sorted

50+ Resources That Beast Bloggers Use To Create Attractive Blog Post Images by Twelve Skip

How to Make Your Blog Images Perform Better on Social Media by Social Mouths

50 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics With Tips To Make You A Better Designer by Canva Design School

47+ of the Best, Most Beautiful Websites for Free Stock Photos by Olyvia

Blogging Tools & Resources

36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros’ Can’t Live Without by Socially Sorted

The Ultimate List of Free Tools for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs by White Corner Creative

300+ Blogging Resources by the Blog Stylist

Click here to receive instant access to my resource library which has FREE worksheets, checklists, stock photos, planners and printables to help you get started on your blogging journey.


Income Reports

How I Made Over $15,000 Last Month From My Blog + Business by Twelve Skip

Pinch of Yum’s Traffic and Income Reports by Pinch of Yum

Income Report: How I went from making $3k/month to $12k by XOSarah

How I Made $12,000 Last Month From My Blog + Business by the Nectar Collective

Let’s Get Real

I Look Like an Imposter: An Open Letter Confessing My Secret Fears as an Online Entrepreneur by Olyvia

How to Get Past the Sh*t That Holds You Back by the Branded Solopreneur

How to Find Clarity & Get Focused with Marie Forleo by Amy Porterfield

30 Ways to Celebrate Your Achievements (Big & Small!) by Sarah Starrs

Who doesn't want to be a better blogger? Check out these 45 kick-ass blog posts to help you become a better blogger and grow your audience. Here are 45 outstanding tips from popular and successful bloggers.


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